We are pleased to be partners with you in the care and education of your children. Parents are always welcome at the school. If you have ideas, talents, or time to share, please let the director or your child’s teacher know.

We want you to know, to understand, and to discuss with us our goals for your child. We want you to look often into our busy, happy, noisy, creative classrooms and see your child at play. We want you to realize the validity of that play and the importance or what your child is learning. Parents and teachers together can help your child develop his/her full potential.

We will be happy at any time to schedule a conference at your request. Semi-annual conferences are regularly held in the Fall and Spring to update you on your child’s progress. Please remember that the teachers are not able to accept telephone calls during class time since their responsibilities are to the classroom first. Calls are acceptable from 12:30 to 2:30. Feel free to call the office at any time.

There is a Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is made up of parents from each class.  Meetings are held every other month and are open to all parents.

The schedule for PAC meetings is posted on the parent board in our front hallway at the beginning of each calendar year.