Parents Information: HEALTH & SAFETY

Your child will be sent home if he appears to have symptoms of illness during the day which endanger his on health or the health of other children.  Please keep your child at home if he has a fever or develops symptoms of illness that may endanger the health of the other children.  If your child is sent home with a fever of 100.6F or higher he may not return to care until he has been fever free for 24 hours with no medication. Please keep your child at home if he is diagnosed as having any contagious illness.

Children enrolled at our center must be immunized in accordance with state laws.  Children under 30 months are required to have a physical examination.

The center is authorized to administer only current prescription medications with the child’s name on it.  Over-the-counter medications will be dispensed ONLY with a doctor’s note on file.  All medications must be in the original packaging.  A medical form also must be filled out and a calibrated medicine dispenser must accompany each container of medicine. Medicine is kept in a locked box in the office or in the refrigerator.

Tobacco and Drug Policy: In order to ensure a healthy environment for all children, the Little Miss Mag facility shall be tobacco and drug free at all times.