Parents Information: CLOTHING & BELONGINGS

Simple clothing that is comfortable and washable is recommended to facilitate your child’s participation in all the Center’s activities. Also, easy removal for restroom use should be kept in mind when dressing your child.

Outdoor physical activity is a part of our daily schedule, so be sure to include appropriate clothing (i.e. sweater, jacket, hat, mittens) for winter weather.  Shoes should also be suitable for outdoor activities.  Clothed toed shoes are most practical for young children.                                        

One complete change of seasonally appropriate clothing should be kept in a bag in the child’s locker at all times.  Please label each article to assist us in returning these to you.  We cannot replace lost articles.

Please leave your child’s toys at home or in your car.  If you have a book or tape that may be of interest to all the children, we will appreciate this being shared with the class, but ask that it be left for several days.  Other items such as food, chewing gum, or money should be left at home at all times.