Parents Information: ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES

To insure the best care for your child, we ask your cooperation in the following:

1. Bring your child into the center in the morning and completely fill out the sign in sheet provided in the classroom using your full proper name.  Although we do not have a cutoff time, it is helpful to be here by 9:00a.m. to get the full benefit of the program.

2. Come into the center in the afternoon to pick up your child, sign your full name and time by your child’s name and let the teacher know that you are leaving. Please do not allow your child to leave the building ahead of you!

3. If an adult other than yourself is to pick up your child, it is helpful if you notify your child's teachers.  No one younger than 18 years of age will be allowed to sign out a child.  No child will be released to anyone other than those listed on the "Approved pick up list."  All people picking up children must present a valid photo ID.