Parents Information: FEES POLICY

Little Miss Mag offers two pay scales, a full pay scale and a sliding fee scale for families who qualify.  For families who qualify for a scholarship, fees are calculated by a sliding fee scale based on gross total family income and the total number in a family.  Payroll check stubs or other evidence of income must be presented.  Fees are adjusted any time family income changes, and new income verification is required annually in January.                                             

Payment of the assigned fee is required each week with no reduction for absences, scheduled holidays, or school closings due to inclement weather. 

After twelve months of continuous enrollment, each child is given one free week per calendar year (January through December). Please tell the office for use of the free week.  If you do not use the free week by December 31st, you will lose it, and it may not be rolled-over to the next year.

Please give at least two-week notice if you plan to withdraw your child.

Weekly fees are required on Monday for the week that care is given, but are not late until 5:30 p.m. on Friday.  Payments may be made by cash, personal check, cashier’s check, money order, or credit card.  If fees are not paid, a fine of $5.00 for each late payment will be imposed.  Any time there is not a “zero” balance, an additional $5.00 will be charged each week.

Regular weekly and full payment of fees by the parents or legal guardian for childcare service is required.  Failure to do so is grounds for immediate termination.  Should you withdraw from the program with an existing balance, an effort will be made to collect your debt.  If your balance in not paid in a timely manner, your debt will be transferred to a collection agency and a 40% increase will be applied.

If a check is returned, it will not be reprocessed, and that amount must be paid in cash.  A $30.00 returned check fee will be added to your account.  If more than 2 checks are returned, cash payment will be required for weekly fees.