Because the complex, uneven nature of child development and learning makes it impossible 
to measure every skill and behavior that children demonstrate in the early years, Teaching 
Strategies GOLD™ measures the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are predictive or 
most important for school success, focusing on 36 basic objectives and two additional 
objectives related to English language acquisition. Objectives are organized into nine 
areas of development and learning; the first four describe major areas of child growth and 
development (social–emotional, physical, oral language, and cognitive), and the following 
five focus on content learning (literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, 
and the arts). A tenth area, English language acquisition, helps teachers follow a child’s 
progress in acquiring both receptive and expressive language in English. Teaching Strategies 
GOLD™ can be used as one of many tools to inform state efforts as educators develop 
their own school readiness criteria. It is also appropriate for use with any developmentally 
appropriate curriculum.